Business Counseling

Akabas & Sproule provides counsel and transactional services in the general business field that is sometimes called a general “corporate” or “transactional” practice area, including matters about corporations and other entities, securities, real estate, and employment. We represent clients in obtaining financing, purchasing and selling companies and other assets, negotiating and entering into strategic ventures, hiring and firing employees, creating employee handbooks and setting employment policies, retaining independent contractors, finding and securing investors and opening new businesses.

Akabas & Sproule’s clients in these matters include publishers, software developers, real estate ventures, asset management firms, business investment companies, import/export and other trading companies, securities broker/dealers, investment companies, manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, professional corporations, and design and consulting firms.

For work in related specialty areas such as tax, environmental, pension, patent, and bankruptcy law, Akabas & Sproule works together with other counsel in a network to provide a full range of business counseling services.

For more information, contact: Seth Akabas, or Michael H. Sproule

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