Investor & Broker Relations

Akabas & Sproule handles various matters relating to investor and broker relations. Our clients include broker/dealers, investment advisers and individual investors.

Under the PATRIOT ACT to combat money laundering, the reporting, investigation and compliance requirements for broker/dealers and investment advisers have become more stringent. Akabas & Sproule works with our clients to ensure that their compliance and reporting systems meet these new stringent requirements. We can prepare a compliance manual and anti-money laundering policy that meets the requirements of the PATRIOT ACT.

Akabas & Sproule does regulatory work for broker/dealers and investment advisers. We prepare all the necessary filings on both the federal and state level, whether a client wishes to start a new entity or maintain its status as a registered broker/dealer or investment adviser.

Akabas & Sproule maintains an active arbitration and litigation practice to protect the rights of the individual investor. Individual investors who may have been wronged by their brokers, by having unsuitable investments recommended, by having excessive trades effected in their accounts, by fraudulent statements or by negligent handing of their accounts must bring any claim against a broker through an arbitration. These arbitrations are conducted either by the NASD or the NYSE. We can review your account statements and other documents to determine whether or not you have a claim, and, if a claim does exist, commence and prosecute the claim.

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